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House Cleaning Services in San Diego CA – Rankings

Why I Decided to do this…

I began by opening the phone book and calling several cleaning companies My purpose was to find the best results (I’m picky about a clean house) at the best price. There were many options. Mother and daughters who worked under the table, small locals companies, new companies, students, and chains.House cleaners seem to find a majority of their business from referrals. For the new residents in the San Diego Area, I have made your life a little easier.

My residence is three bedroom, two and half bathroom New England cape-style home with hard surface floors and approximately 2400 square feet. I hired the companies once every other week.

#5. Magic Maids

2.5 Stars 

San Diego, CA 

Cost: $185

Two cleaners

Magic Maids is a small chain with an office in San Diego and a couple of locations in San Francisco. The office staff was pleasant, well-organized, and did a great job of describing what type of services to expect. Not to my satisfaction, the cleaners arrived later than expected without a phone call. The cleaners apologized for their tardiness then began cleaning. They made several trips out to their car during the cleaning. I was unsure what exactly they were doing, but it interrupted their cleaning immensely. Magic Maids provided a decent result, but the team had some issues with equipment and timeliness which were not to my satisfaction.

Final Word:

#4. Dirt Divas

3 Stars

San Diego, CA

Two Cleaners

I found Dirt Divas through a website called Service Magic which matches homeowners with pre-screened service professionals. Their profile said that they used environmentally friendly products so I decided to give them a call. The office staff spoke broken English, but we decided to book anyways.

The team was very experienced and professional. They worked fast to get the cleaning done. They met their time goal, but a several things were left uncleaned. There was mold under the toilet seat, and the tops of the picture frames had a layer of dust.

Final Word:

The result may have been better if they didn’t rush in our home.

# 3. The Maids

3.5 Stars San Diego, CA 4 Cleaners, Uniformed, $135/hr

The Maids drive distinctive yellow Subaru’s which I happen to run into frequently. They have a large staff (40 plus cleaners) and are a national chain. I was anxious to try the Maids. They seemed very professional. Jen, in the office, boasted the Maid’s long-time presence on the Seacoast and reputation as a leader. When discussing prices she was somewhat arrogant and protective of the pricing.

Final Word:

The cleaning was pretty good. There were a few spots left in the microwave, baseboards not dusted, and the trash cans were not re-bagged. The deal-killer is that I felt that they are way over-priced.

#2. Maid Brigade

4 Stars, San Diego, CA, Uniformed, Company Cars, $247

The Maid Brigade is another chain located in down the rd in San Diego. I had driven past the location a few times and seen the cars parked outside. The company is smaller than the Maids, and also boasts that it is “Green Clean Certified.” The office staff was friendly and provided house cleaning quote over the phone. She told me how long they expected to clean for and how they expected to do it.

The cleaners arrived on time, working efficiently, and in an organized manner. The cleaners were great and addressed some of our specific concerns.

Final Word:

I would use them again.

#1. National Maids 4.5 Stars, San Diego CA, Two Cleaners, Uniformed $195

National Maids

Like Dirt Divas, I also found National MAids of San Diego on ServiceMagic’s list of pre-screened professionals. The gentleman in the office promptly responded to my request and was very friendly and professional. He also gave me a quote over the phone. Cleaning Safari is a local company and without the brand name of “the Maids” or “Maid Brigade.”

The cleaners got right to work when they arrived. The kitchen  and bathrooms looked fantastic. There was a little confusion about the price of the cleaning, but they called the office and straightened it out. They did more organizing than the other companies.

Final Word:

I was very pleased with National Maid’s results. The price was right. They were more professional than the Maids. I will be using them again.

Betty Smith is a mother of three and a resident of La Jolla Ca.  She went to San Diego State University in San Diego CA.


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